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Hamlet Cigars (Pack of 5)

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  • Length: 113mm
  • Diamater: 9.5mm (Approx)
  • Cellophane Wrapped
  • No Humidor Required
  • Pack of 5 cigars

Why buy these cigars?? Erm well we've never been a bigger supporter of the global tobacco giants who manufacture this tobacco as they have never supported us so we have always encourage our customers to support more moral manufacturers. However as these tobaccos are now being delisted by the supermarkets we want to support our customers who want these brands. Hopefully in turn the tobacco giants will one day support the Specialist high street Tobacconists.

Description Hamlets are the butt of many jokes in the UK tobacco market amongst connoisseurs and tobacco enthusiast as being a very low quality cigar. Apart from the outer leaf the tobacco used is of a lower quality but the blend used is very mild and smooth and appeals to a very large market and Hamlet have ruled the cigar market for many years. So even considering the quality and effort put into production is low it doesn't necessarily mean they are cigars you will not enjoy. Here at The UK Tobacco we do not encourage people to smoke what people tell you that you will enjoy. Smoke what you enjoy!

Hamlet cigars do not require cutting and can be enjoyed straight out of the box.

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