Q. I ordered on a Bank Holiday and received a Dispatch notice the same day, does that mean I will receive my order tomorrow?

Here at UK Tobacco LTD we are very hard working and work most bank holidays. This means we will package your order and mark it as dispatched. Unfortunately the postman (can be male or female) works very hard but isn't as dedicated as we are so won't come and collect our post on a bank holiday.

Q. I've ordered the wrong tobacco can I return it for re-placement?

Unfortunately due to instances in the past where people have re-placed the contents with different tobacco we cannot accept returns of un-sealed packets of tobacco. We are also advised by HMRC not to accept returns of tobacco due to this scam.

Q. Why do you not accept returns of Tobacco leaf products?

There is the obvious problem of tobacco drying out during transit but there also is a scam, were the less honest individuals in UK substitute the contents for tobacco, which hasn't been duty paid.

Q. If I order after 3pm is there any chance my order will be dispatched today?

Yes we will always endeavour to send all orders the same day but the postman (can be male or female) doesn't like waiting around. We will keep working our little socks off until 4:00pm but any orders not packaged before this time will be put in tomorrows postbag.

Q. I ordered after 3pm but still received a Dispatch notice by email, does this mean I will receive my parcel tomorrow?

Here at UK Tobacco LTD we are very hard working and work most bank holidays. This means we will package your order and mark it as dispatched. Unfortunately the postman (can be male or female) works very hard but isn't as dedicated as we are so won't come and collect our post on a bank holiday.

Q. I do not like the tobacco I have ordered. Can I return it for a refund or replacement?

Unfortunately due to a scam from less honest individuals we can not offer this service. We can only accept returns in sealed pouches.

Q. My Tobacco contains lots of dust/bits, what can I do to stop this?

As every smoker knows when you get to the bottom of the pouch there is always a bit of dust, that is un-smoke able. If you smoke a pouch in a day you will not get much dust. The dust is caused when the tobacco dries out and breaks up. Keep your pouch tightly sealed and do not expose to heat or sunlight.

Q. Why can you not send tobacco to the USA?

Because the American government has more red tape and daft ideas than ours. Different rates of duty are charged across the US states. Mail order companies in states where the Duty on tobacco was significantly less where putting other tobacco retailers out of business. No tobacco retailer in the US is allowed to ship tobacco across states and no overseas retailers can ship tobacco into the US. Like it or lump it we are not allowed to do it.

Q. Why do you not accept card payments for overseas orders when other UK retailers do?

New card rulings have been recently introduced preventing retailers from shipping restricted products overseas without first obtaining legal documentation from the destination authorities allowing us to do so. Not all retailers are aware of this and some retailers are blatantly ignoring this in search of a quick buck! It will not last long and just pray your order has been dispatched before the retailer in question is shut down! Before choosing your retailer check they are part of the AITS, the governing body of tobacco specialists. These are legitimate UK specialist tobacconists and should provide you with a good honest service.

Q. Can you zero rate VAT on my order?

There is a certain level of criteria that must be met. These are listed on the HMRC website. If you satisfy the criteria and your order is over £60 we will do the paperwork and remove the VAT from your order. You must contact us prior to making your order and must assure us you are eligible.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

Yes we ship outside UK. We cannot accept a card payment for these orders so all payments must be made via bank transfer.

Q. Do you ship to the USA?

We are not allowed to ship any tobacco leaf to the USA and we cannot take any card payments for overseas orders. If your order does not contain any tobacco leaf and you pay via bank transfer then we can ship to the USA.

Q. Can you ship to an alternative delivery address?

Yes we will happily ship to an alternative address. If your order exceeds £100 and you have been a customer for less than 6 months we may ask you to make a smaller order or ask you to accept the parcel at the address where the card is registered until we know you a little better.

Q. Will you deduct the postage if I order my goods over the internet and collect them in the shop?

Anybody is welcome to pre-order items for shop collections to ensure we have the stock reserved for them. However the goods will be charged at the standard shop prices. If we were to match the internet prices in our retail outlets the shop fronts and the friendly staff that serve in them, simply would not be viable. If we charged internet customers a different price we would be kicking dirt in the faces of our local regular customers who have supported us over the years.

If you want to loose the specialist tobacconist from the high street keep hassling your local tobacconist to drop their prices. Many local tobacconists have already been lost due to the influence of the internet.

Q. My lighter isn't working can I send it to you for repair?

Lighters are technical pieces of kit and unfortunately they do go wrong from time to time and usually for the simplest of reasons. Before sending your lighter back please refer to our help pages to diagnose the issue. A few minutes of general maintenance/adjustments can save endless hassle.

If you cannot diagnose the problem the lighter will need to be returned under warranty. You will need the original warranty slip that was delivered with your lighter and a copy of your order form, which we can provide if you do not have a copy. The lighter will then need returning to the dedicated repairer. This varies depending on the manufacturer so please contact us for details.

Q. What are the opening hours of your retail shops?

9am -5pm Mon-Sat. During busy seasonal periods the Scarborough and Whitby branches may open midday Sunday. Please hit the 'contact us' button at the top of this page and ring our individual shops for specific Sunday opening hours.

Q. What are your shipping/postage/delivery charges?

We work on very tight margins and cannot provide free postage. Instead we provide fair postage charges.

This can only be done if we know the weight of the items you are ordering and the delivery address.

Once you have entered your address details you will be given varying options depending on how quickly you need your order and the insurance level you need. If you tweak your shopping cart you will be able to make savings on postage by leaving some items until your next order and keeping under different weight thresholds.

For example Special Delivery more than doubles if you exceed 2kg.

Q. Can I repeat previous orders to save going through the order process every time?

Yes please click 'login' at the top of this page and go to your account. You will be able to view and repeat previous orders.

Q. How do I setup an account?

Either place an order or click register on the top right of this page.

Q. How do I edit my account?

Click Login at the top right. You will be taken to your account details, which can be edited. If you struggle please feel free to give us a ring and ask.

Q. I have forgotten my password?

Head to the login page, enter your email address and click "forgotten password." A new password will be sent to your email address.

Q. I have forgotten, which email address I have registered with?

Please contact us with your name and address and we will inform you which email address you are registered with.