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Address (Scarborough Branch)

UK Tobacco
PO Box 544
North Yorkshire
YO11 9HY

Mail Order Telephone

+44 (0)1492 535784


[email protected]

We understand, that even in the modern world many of our customers do not feel confident in placing their orders over the internet. We have therefore setup a Mail Order Line, were you can be assured of a friendly and helpful voice at the end of the phone. An account will be setup for you, to save you providing your address details every time you place an order. This account can be used online to view your order status or place further orders if you ever choose to do so.

International Dialling: +44 (0)1492 535784

Due to language barriers we prefer customers from overseas to place their orders online. If you speak very clear English and have a valid email address we will happily take your order over the phone.

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO RECENT CREDIT CARD RULINGS, UK RETAILERS CAN NO LONGER PROCESS CARD PAYMENTS FOR OVERSEAS ORDERS! We are still more than happy to accept overseas orders but payment must be made via BACS (bank transfer)

These outlets do not provide a mail order service and cannot answer any questions regarding mail order.

However if you want to visit a specialist tobacconist with that unforgettable aroma and atmosphere, a warm friendly service and extensive knowledge please come and visit us at one of our three outlets. We have 3 specialist tobacconist outlets in the family chain based in Scarborough, Whitby and Wakefield.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not match online prices in our retail outlets. The online prices are based on much lower overheads to compete in the cut throat world of the internet. A shop front on the high street has substantially higher overheads than a web based shop and the time the friendly shop assistant shows you cannot be covered by internet based margins. If we were to drop our prices in the retail outlets they would soon be un-profitable and we would lose the shop fronts in place of the next Tesco Express. We cannot make any exceptions as this is un-fair on our regular customers. Please avoid awkwardness by not asking.