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Agio Meharis Java (Pack of 10 Cigars)

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  • Flavour: Mild-Med
  • Length: 99mm
  • Diameter: 9.1mm
  • Cellophane Wrapped
  • No Humidor Required

Pack of 10 characterful Dutch Cigars!

Every second, somewhere in the world, 11 Mehari's are being lit!

Since 1976, Mehari's cigars have grown in popularity as smokers appreciate their unique flavour, their authenticity and their handy size. The size alone makes them convenient to carry, and at 4 inches long, it is ideal for quick, yet very rewarding and flavoursome smoke. With a consistent and even burn, this cigarillo draws like a champ, never getting too hot to hold.

The Meharis Java 'original' Mehari's (since 1976) has a unique character thanks largely to the authentic taste and aroma of its lively Java wrapper. The wrapper is grown in the fields located around the city of Jember, in Indonesia's East Java province. Java's long and rich history in cultivating cigar tobacco guarantees a superb quality wrapper. This is perfectly balanced with a secret blend of rich, high quality tobaccos in the filler, which provides plenty of character to a cigar that can be enjoyed by any smoker regardless of their experience.

The Meharis Cigars do not require cutting and are ready to be enjoyed straight from the box.

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