Peterson Pipes

Peterson Pipes
A fine selection of Peterson pipes and top quality accessories are available to you from UK Tobacco. Peterson craftsmanship, where elegance and dedication to quality go hand in hand, is a much-respected process in the pipe community and one that is still revered after a long and rich heritage. There's a very good reason why they've continued to succeed since their inception in 1865 as the brainchild of two brothers from Nurnberg, Germany. Take a little time to browse through our collection of pipes illustrated in our online catalogue.
Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipe Rack
A selection of Peterson Smooth standard system pipes with P Lip Mouthpieces. The purpose of the P Lip mouthpiece is that it directs the flow of smoke upwards and away from the tongue therefore reducing the possibility of tongue bite. Peterson's unique system also ensures that the owner experiences a cool dry smoke as much of the moisture generated during smoking is collected in a special reservoir in the shank of the pipe.
Peterson pipes are famous for their craftsmanship, where elegance, dedication and quality are classed as the important characteristics. The pipes made by Peterson are sure to offer you a fantastic smoke, easy maintenance, everlasting quality, fine craftsmanship and a great appreciation.
A selection of Peterson non filtered Liscannor pipes in a smooth matt finish and with an acrylic fishtail mouthpiece complimented by a delicate twin gilt band.
Peterson 9mm filter pipes with a P Lip stem and brown polished finish.
Peterson 9mm filter pipes with fishtail stems and a dark brown polished finish.
A selection of classic Peterson non filter pipes in 9 different shapes all with an attractive deep red finish, contrating rings and fishtail mouthpiece.
A selection of Peterson non filter pipes with a rustic finish, metal band and fishtail mouthpiece.
A selection of Non filtered Peterson Churchwarden pipes.
This section contains a selection of quality Peterson pipes. We have the ever popular Dracula range with red acrylic mouthpieces, a special selection of Sterling Silver mounted pipes including Peterson's own pipe of the year for 2018 and 2019. We also have on offer a limited number of Silver Spigot pipes with genuine amber stems.