Peterson pipes, Stanwell pipes, Butz Choquin pipes, Dr Plumb pipes, Orlik pipes, Falcon pipes, Savinelli pipes, London Made Budget Pipes, Comoy's pipes, GBD pipes, Kaywoodie pipes, BBB pipes, Viking pipes, Chacom pipes are just some of the selection here.
Classic 9mmm Italian Pipes from Aldo Morelli. There's a certain air of class that comes with most exports from Italy with this pipe being no exception. As well as delivering only the best in shoes, Italy is famed for this excellent pipe and is found popularly amongst the connoisseur and is also a great introduction for newcomers.
After original pipes that in turn provide you with one of the most original smoking experiences you'll find anywhere? Then look no further as UKTobacco can provide exactly what you're after. Limited selections from Dr. Plumb, Orlik and many more are available for your interest below. Make sure you snap one up soon as they are selling out very fast.
Established in 1953, a family business located in Brebbia, Lombardy, Italy, founded by Enea Buzzi and now run by his son, Luciano Buzzi. All these pipes are hand crafted and finished to the highest quality.
Want to delve into the refined world of pipe smoking but don't want to spend big on your first try? Then from as little as £7.99, you can sample one of these durable, affordable and dependable pipes to help you figure out what your tastes are. None of the pipes come boxed.
UKTobacco proudly offer some of the best exports from France with expertly crafted pipes available from the geniuses over at Comoy's. Since the seed for the business was first planted in 1825, the brand has been excelling in providing nothing but the best; even through the world wars of the early 20th century. If you're after a trip back to the past with some wonderfully-crafted pipes, then looks no further than Comoy's.
Here at UK Tobacco have a fantastic array of quality Dr Plumb pipes for you to browse through. Delivering a consistent and enjoyable taste with every puff, the briarwood it is sourced from is of the highest quality, which is as you'd expect from such a name.
Falcon Pipes are manufactured with the Falcon System which represents modern technology and traditional craftsmanship in all its refinery. An American export, the falcon pipe was high in demand during the 1930's with it being synomynous with the Hollywood scene at the time. After WWII, the design was refined to the excellence that it resembles today. The Falcon System produce pipes with a cooler, smoother clean smoke. All these pipes have interchangeable briar bowls made especially for the Falcon Pipe.
An American export, the falcon pipe was high in demand during the 1930's with it being synomynous with the Hollywood scene at the time. After WWII, the design was refined to the excellence that it resembles today. The selection below is at a more affordable rate than others from the Falcon rage but this doesn't retract from the quality standard this superb manufacturer has set for itself.
If you're after the best of British at the best prices, then UKTobacco can offer you plenty of superb pipes from this London-based brand. As cosmopolitan as they come, GBD was the brainchild of two Frenchmen and an Austrian in the 19th century and although the rights have changed hands several times over the years, there's no doubting that the passion which first went into its foundations are still found with every puff.
Hilson pipes are made by the Royal Dutch Pipe factory in Holland. We offer a selection of Hilson Accent 9mm filter pipes in various shapes and sizes. Each briar pipe has an acrylic mouthpiece with the Hilson logo stamped on it.
Great British Classic pipes from John Brumfit. A selection of some of the most popular shapes associated with British pipe smokers. View our full range of high quality crafted pipes below.
A selection of bent and straight London made briar pipes in a light brown smooth finish.
A brand that has been around for over 90 years, Northern Briars are a very highly-respected maker of only the most refined and meticulous pipe. What was started in 1958 as a small-scale effort by George Walker has now become a family affair with his grandson taking over affairs and their products are still in high-demand to this day. Below are some of the premium and exquisite pipes that Northern Briars provide and each deserves the attention of any real connoisseur.
Orlik Pipes are masterfully produced by Stanwell: one of the leading pipe manufacturers in the world. Without doubt, their legacy has been improving over the years with amazing products such as these. Our pipes are available in polished and sandblast with a small silver ring which has a metal plate with Orlik imbedded into its design. Top quality pipes at affordable prices, this could be the perfect introduction for anyone new to the community.
A fine selection of Peterson pipes and top quality accessories are available to you from UK Tobacco. Peterson craftsmanship, where elegance and dedication to quality go hand in hand, is a much-respected process in the pipe community and one that is still revered after a long and rich heritage. There's a very good reason why they've continued to succeed since their inception in 1865 as the brainchild of two brothers from Nurnberg, Germany. Take a little time to browse through our collection of pipes illustrated in our online catalogue.
Using only the finest quality briar available, Charles Rattray's pipes are handcrafted to a high specification and superbly finished with all the loving care and attention that one would expect from one of the worlds oldest pipe companies.
A collection of Italian made briar pipes in 3 different finishes and 6 popular shapes in each finish.
Achile Savenelli founded Savinelli Pipes during 1876 in Milan when he opened his first shop to plenty of adoration. It's this adoration that is still common when you say the brand name to any pipe smoker to this day. The skilled Savinelli artisans use only the finest grades of Sardinian and Corsican briar and painstakingly craft the perfect pipe with the customer in mind. They take great care and pride in their workmanship ensuring they produce high quality pipes with particular regard to their superb filter systems. Take a look at our Savinelli selection below and pick up a real gem of a pipe.
A collection of 9mm filter briar pipes from Wilson's of Sharrow. These pipes are excellently priced and will make a great addition to your pipe collection.
The brand Talamona was born in 1970 by Caesar Talamona, an artisan in Oltrona, Italy. Talamona immediately became a famous brand at home and abroad with his creativity in large pipes. Once Caesar withdrew from the market at the venerable age of 85 he entrusted everything to his friend Paolo Croci, who in 2007 acquired the brand and in 2010 started the limited production of the brand respecting the will of Caesar Talamona. Still today, all the pipes are of high quality, handmade and in generous sizes. In Talamona pipes, you can always recognise the creativity and the hand of Paolo. Like Caesar and Paolo, "every pipe has a soul and who buys it finds himself".
Tevere Briar pipes made in Italy. Available in 6 different shapes each pipe has a tan rustic finish, black acrylic mouthpiece and metal band. These pipe do not take a filter.
A selection of Artisan Italian pipes made entirely by hand. Tom Spanu has been making pipes since 1979 using only the best Sardinian "Erica Scoparia briar". Each pipe is a unique creation - no two pipes are the same - the briar is grown, harvested, milled and conditioned entirely by Tom Spanu, the only pipe maker in the world to do this. Only around 1000 pipes are produced each year. other unusual woods used include Zebrano, Cork oak, Juniper, Cherrywood, Olivewood and Lemonwood.
A collection of briar pipes all bearing our name UKtobacco.com. Finished to a high standard these pipes come in an array of different shapes and sizes and represent excellent value for money.
When you buy a 9mm filter Vauen pipe you can be assured that you're buying a pipe of real quality. We have a range to suit all, from starter sets to the more unuasual Auenland Churchwardens from "The Shire"
Viking briar pipes were originally founded and distributed by Bjarne Nielsen until he sadly died of a severe heart attack at the age of 66 in 2008. The brands he created still live on today and are made in Denmark by several different pipemakers. See our selection of Viking Houston and the classic waxed series of his pipes within this section.
A collection of Ebony/Ivory 9mm filter, short pipes in either a smooth or Sandblast finish