Pipe Tobaccos

Pipe Tobaccos
UK Tobacco offers you nothing but the most varied, unique and premium brands from the world of pipe tobaccos. Whatever you're after, your taste will be catered for when you select one of the many brands from the collection below. From the household names to the obscure, you're bound to find the right tobacco for the right occasion.
An excellently varied range from these much-liked producers, you can sample a distinctive flavour from the conventional black to the more sweet and heady tastes such as cherry and vanilla. Once you've found your preferred taste, you may never look back when you invest in Alsbo.
Back after a long absence 3 blends of Amphora pipe tobacco, Amphora full aroma, Original and Amphora No 2 all supplied in 40g pouches.
Chieftain pipe tobacco is a new name on the pipe tobacco scene here in the UK. Following the withdrawal of the Ashton's range of tobaccos and months of extensive testing by Kohlhasse and Kopp the new Chieftain range consists of the following blends: Blacksmith's blend, Roberts mixture, Stormy Skye and Lazy Day. Always ones for promoting variety, Chieftain have compiled these superb products that we here at UK Tobacco are pleased to offer you. Each blend has been created using only the highest quality of pipe tobacco, so you can select the right flavour for your tastes and enjoy some of the best pipe tobacco around.
Hailing from Sweden, this prestigious brand has found plenty of success worldwide but has received particular praise in the United States for its amazing Bourbon Whisky blend, something that UK Tobacco are proud to stock. Also available in Original and Cherry Cavendish, you can't do much better then this rightfully adored taste from Scandinavia.
New to the market in July 2020 we have four high quality Chacom pipe tobaccos by St. Claude in France. A mixture of Aromatic and Non Aromatic tobaccos supplied in 50g tins.
Following the decision by Dunhill to withdraw their tobaccos from the UK market we are pleased to be able to offer a range of very similar tobaccos from Charatan. Manufactured in the EU these tobaccos have been specifically produced to be as close as possible to the Dunhill range.
Four traditional tobaccos from Comoy's of London, supplied in 50g tins.
Truly beloved throughout the pipe community, this historic brand has been going for many years and is still going strong even now thanks to its powerful and almost dominative taste. One for the true connoisseur for sure. Promising a very satisfying burn with its qualities only improving with age, Condor has a distinctly English taste and is available in Original Ready Rubbed and Long Cut from UK Tobacco below.
Nording pipe tobaccos by the renowned pipe maker Eric Nording. 3 varieties to choose from, all in 50g tins.
Sourced from only the cream of the crop of tobacco from around the world by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, this wonderful blend packs a welcome fruity punch. Boasting a delightfully sweet aftertaste. Erinmore will more than last the distance and is renowned for its great levels of moisture which leads onto it becoming a great light. UK Tobacco stocks mixtures of this great tobacco in a variety of tins and pouches below.
This Cumbria-based brand has been cultivating quite a name for itself in the pipe tobacco community after a recent slew of superb products. A mild and enjoyable experience awaits those who sample their Red offerings - perhaps an ideal opportunity for a first-time trier? As a British product, this sensational blend has a fruity and seasonal head to it and one that demands some attention. UK Tobacco offers you a range of Gawith varieties that include Brookfield Aromatic, Sunday's Fantasy and Golden Blends.
Pipe tobacco by Germain's. Made in Jersey.
Ilsteds Own pipe tobacco, a collection of 5 tobaccos, especially made for Paul Ilsted of Copenhagen and supplied in 100g tins.
A selection of pipe tobaccos by Mac Barens of Denmark including Original Choice, 7 Seas, Vanilla Cream and Virginia Flake. Mac baren pipe tobacco company are the largest family owned tobacco company in Denmark and pride themseleves on producing tobaccos of distinction with unique aromas, mysticism and good old fashioned craftsmanship resulting from 150 years of trading.
A selection of well known ready rubbed pipe tobaccos including Three Nuns, Capstan, Clan, Gold Block, Special Virginia, Ogdens, Players, St Bruno and more.
Peter Stokkebye are proud to announce the release of four new ready rubbed, blended tobaccos to celebrate 4 generations of manufacturing pipe tobacco. The company was founded in Denmark in 1882 and has since become renowned around the world for the exceptional quality and variety of tobaccos they produce.
Peterson pipe tobaccos are hand blended by master blenders and sealed in vaccum tins to ensure freshness. With over 100 years of experience in the tobacco industry you can be assured of the exceptional quality one comes to expect from peterson pipes and tobaccos.
Known throughout the community as a unique form to enjoy tobacco, this elite technique for smoking through your pipe is one for the connoisseurs out there. After delicately extracting your preferred amount form the 'block', you can then partake in the blend exactly as the creator wanted you to. UK Tobacco offers two kinds of plug tobacco, one from Mick McQuaid and the other from Revor.
Originally produced in Perth, Scotland by Charles Rattray these pipe tobaccos are now imported from Kohlhase and Kopp in Germany.
Amazingly, this company has been around since 1792, which makes it one of the oldest, and therefore most respected tobaccos in all of Britain. This should come as no surprise considering the love and appreciation that goes into creating each blend with the same traditions followed even now. UK Tobacco offers many different varieties of mixtures and flake for your interest below.
Achile Savenelli founded Savinelli Pipes during 1876 in Milan when he opened his first shop to plenty of adoration. It's this adoration that is still common when you say the brand name to any pipe tobacco smoker to this day. Offering a full-bodied and fruity experience, this effort by the historic group is one to satisfy thanks to its particularly flavoursome contents which give off a gorgeous aroma for your room. UK Tobacco provides Aroma, Cavendish and English mixture below for your interests below.
The Solani pipe tobacco brand was launched in 1988 by Herr Ridiger Will, Master blender and creator of the Borkum Riff brand of pipe tobaccos. Creating a quality tobacco the Solani way involves extensive testing over many weeks as natural ingredients of raw tobacco can have very different effects on the flavouring. Solani offers a concise range of pure and flavoured pipe tobaccos - both mixtures and flakes, aromatics and non aromatics by mixing tobaccos with different flavours and aromas to determine whether or not they are compatible. Taken from the latin word "Solanum" which means "night shade plants" of which tobacco is one, Solani is available in 50g tins.