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Cigar Accessories

Cigar Accessories
To get the most out of your cigars, whether they are the premium to the affordable, you need to make sure you properly store and protect them with the accessories that we provide. Also, to ensure you have the best taste and drag from your cigars, you need to cut them properly. UKTobacco supply a fine range of these for all varieties and sizes of cigars
UKTobacco proudly stock a range of high quality cigar humidors so you may get the very best out of your product as soon as you checkout. Humidors are an essential piece of equipment for any cigar smoker and one thing that is vital for anyone wanting longevity from their cigars. They will prevent your cigars from cracking, drying out and generally becoming unsmokeable.
From the simple to the luxurious, we offer 9 different superb cases which each one being an absolute must for the preservation of your cigars and are ideal for storage when you're out and about. If you're after a simple tube case, then you are well provided for but if it's a high-quality case you require then either the fantastic products from Corona we stock are going to be well-suited to your needs.
Whatever the size, shape or quality of a cigar, you'll never get the best from it without the use of a masterfully crafted cutter. To remove the cap of a cigar, these tools are essential. Available in either straight cut or punch cut, there are so many different ways you can cut your cigars but when compared to scissors there's only way to prepare your cigar properly and that is with a cutter.