Boxed Cigars

Boxed Cigars
A selection of boxed and bundles cigars with each offering their own unique flavours and aromas from countries all over the world. Whether it's a Cuban or a Nicaraguan, you cannot go wrong when you sample one of the many superb cigars we have to offer. From esteemed brands ranging from Montecristo to Santa Damiana, you are sure to find your new favourite smoke in this collection.
If you're interested in delving into the world of cigars but don't want to invest in a large box when you're unsure of your tastes then this collection is suited to you. From a broad range of countries, make sure you pick up what could be your new favourite brand from our selection of 3, 4 or 5 packed cigars.
The Cigar industry has been controlled by the Cuban government since the country became nationalised in 1960. Cuban cigar rollers known as "torcedores" are the most skilled cigar rollers in the world, this has been claimed by cigar experts. Torcedores are highly respected in Cuban society and they travel the world displaying their art of hand rolling cigars. Cuba produces both handmade and machine made cigars. Cigars are one of the country's leading exports. We stock a wide range of Cuban Cigars including; Bolivar, Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta, Punch, Saint Luis Rey, Patagas, Cohiba and H Uppman, available in singles or Boxed quantities.
The Honduras Tobacco Industry advanced after the Cuban Revolution in the 60's. During this period the Cuban tobacco experts made Honduras their new home and bought with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise of the tobacco industry. Honduras soil and climate is an ideal growing environment for tobacco plants. Cigars made here are of outstanding quality with a distinctive taste and aroma which makes these cigars a very popular choice. Honduran Cigars tend to be stronger than Dominican or Nicaraguan Cigars as they are typically heavy, full bodied smokes. However there are also a wide range of milder Honduran cigars available. We stock a selection of Honduran cigars including La Invicta, Cao, Alec Bradley and Don Ramos, Cao Italia Novella and Caribbean Corona
The Dominican Republic is the world's largest producer of Cigars. The main area of production is the central islands Cibao Valley and Santiago due to their ideal environments for tobacco growing. There are over 600,000 acres of tobacco plant fields that produce very distinctive cigars that boast impeccable quality and taste. Dominican Cigars are generally a lot milder than Cuban Cigars. There are a broad range of full flavoured brands with tasteful and complex blends. Choose from our selection of Santa Damiana, La Aurora, Macanudo and Private Stock cigars
The Nicaraguan Cigar industry is very similar to the Honduran industry as it also gained its cigar tobacco industry after the Cuban revolution when numerous cigar experts fled Cuba and ended up in Nicaraguan. Nicaraguan was initially famous for its cigarette tobacco before the cigar industry developed. The majority of cigars are produced in the Esteli, a city in the north west of Nicaragua. This area is extremely fertile with a rich black soil. Nicaraguan tobacco is typically dark and full bodied. We stock a range of Nicaraguan Cigars to suit individual tastes including; Conquistador, La Invicta, Quorum, Charatan, Chinchalero and Oliva to name a few.
A selection of other cigars from around the world including Villiger.