Snuff (Smokeless tob)

Snuff (Smokeless tob)
Snuff truly is a unique form of tobacco in that it is not to be smoked. Rather, you inhale the tobacco up through your nose in a technique that is nearly as old as smoking itself. Due to stricter regulations on public smoking, snuff is finding a lot more popularity with both men and women taking up this traditional form. If you're after nothing but the best snuff, check UKTobacco's range below.
A selection of McCrystals snuffs, available in three different sizes and a variety of flavours.
Snuffs from Poschl's of Germany
Snuffs from Sam Gawith of Kendal.
Mentholated Snuff from Wilson's of Sharrow.
Chew Bags are a new innovation recently introduced to the UK tobacco market giving a unique alternative to getting your nicotine hit. Each tobacco portion is contained within a strong bag that has been designed to be chewed on while releasing a clean, instant nicotine hit and a powerful flavour experience. Available in three brands: General Cut, Thunder and Chainsaw. Five step process to using Chewing tobacco bags. 1)Put one portion in your mouth 2)Chew lightly on it a few times 3)Wait for the tingling feeling 4)For more flavour chew lightly on it again 5) Dispose of the used portion under the lid of the can.
Nicotine pouches offer an alternative way of getting your nicotine hit. Completely tobacco free with no smoke or vapour to worry those around you, they are available in a variety of nicotine strengths. You can enjoy these products discreetly, anytime and anywhere, simply position the pouch under your lip and enjoy. Each pouch is good for up to an hour.