Snuff (Smokeless tob)

Snuff (Smokeless tob)
Snuff truly is a unique form of tobacco in that it is not to be smoked. Rather, you inhale the tobacco up through your nose in a technique that is nearly as old as smoking itself. Due to stricter regulations on public smoking, snuff is finding a lot more popularity with both men and women taking up this traditional form. If you're after nothing but the best snuff, check UKTobacco's range below.
A selection of McCrystals snuffs, available in three different sizes and a variety of flavours.
Snuffs from Poschl's of Germany
Snuffs from Sam Gawith of Kendal.
Mentholated Snuff from Wilson's of Sharrow.
Chew Bags are a new innovation recently introduced to the UK tobacco market giving a unique alternative to getting your nicotine hit. Each tobacco portion is contained within a strong bag that has been designed to be chewed on while releasing a clean, instant nicotine hit and a powerful flavour experience. Available in three brands: General Cut, Thunder and Chainsaw. Five step process to using Chewing tobacco bags. 1)Put one portion in your mouth 2)Chew lightly on it a few times 3)Wait for the tingling feeling 4)For more flavour chew lightly on it again 5) Dispose of the used portion under the lid of the can.