Stanwell Pipes

Stanwell Pipes
Stanwell Pipes were the largest pipe makers in Denmark. Founded in 1942 they were well known for making the finest machine made pipes in the world. The Stanwell designs were known to be clean, balanced and well proportioned and were hand finished by skilled Stanwell Craftsmen. More recently production of these famous pipes was moved to Italy thus producing a flair and elegance in design to Stanwell's already solid craftsmanship and resulting in what some would say is the perfect pipe.
A selection of Stanwell De-Luxe brown non filter pipes
New to the standard assortment of Stanwell pipes is the Black and White series. Available in six different shapes, in a black matt polished finish in both non filter and with a 9mm filter. Each pipe is supplied with two acrylic mouthpieces providing two different smoking experiences, one is a short white stem and the other is a black semi-long churchwarden.
A choice of 3 shapes in this collection of Stanwell Night & Day 9mm filter pipes pipes
Prized for its natural beauty and hardness that can withstand even burning tobacco, the briar root is harvested by axe. Carefully selected blocks are then trated before undergoing up to 120 processes by skilled craftsmen. Refining the shape, sanding, sandblasting and waxing or polishing - these all take a skilled hand and a trained eye. Its this craft process that fuses the individuality of the natural material with the elegance of the Danish design.
Stanwell Trio 9mm filter pipes.
A selection Stanwell specials including the popular and now revived Blowfish shape.
A selection of Stanwell 9mm pipes in smooth/sandblast combo finish.