Savinelli Pipes

Savinelli Pipes
Achile Savenelli founded Savinelli Pipes during 1876 in Milan when he opened his first shop to plenty of adoration. It's this adoration that is still common when you say the brand name to any pipe smoker to this day. The skilled Savinelli artisans use only the finest grades of Sardinian and Corsican briar and painstakingly craft the perfect pipe with the customer in mind. They take great care and pride in their workmanship ensuring they produce high quality pipes with particular regard to their superb filter systems. Take a look at our Savinelli selection below and pick up a real gem of a pipe.
Savinelli Professor Sandblast Pipes
A selection of Savinelli rustic pipes.
A selection of Savinelli Rustic Pipes with Acrylic stems
A range of affordable Savinelli Dark brown rusticated pipes in a variety of shapes and sizes. All are relatively lightweight and come with an acrylic stem with attractive metal band. Each pipe is supplied with a small pack of 6mm Balsa filters.
A collection of Savinelli straight and bent pipes in a light wood finish. All these pipes take a 9mm filter.
A selection of stylish, Dark brown sandblast pipes by made by Savinelli of Italy. Superbly finished, each pipe has an acrylic stem with an attractive brass and amber coloured ring that takes a 6mm Savinelli balsa filter. Some of these pipes require burning in.
A selection of Savinelli Venere Brownblasted pipes with Acrylic mouthpieces. All takes a 6mm Balsa filter.