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Stanwell Pipes

Stanwell PipesThe largest maker of pipes in Denmark is the world famous Stanwell Pipes, Founded in 1942 they are best known for making this best pipes remade by machines worldwide. The pipes are well proportioned, stylish and clean and always finished by a Stanwell craftsman.

The aim of Stanwell pipes has always been to create pipes of exceptional quality at a price which is affordable for the everyman! Stanwell achieve this by offering a much higher standard of pipe for only slightly more than the price of a basic pipe you’d find in the shop.

Fans of Stanwell revere the shape and ease of use and flow of the pipe, as it provides a pleasurable and cool smoke, while not having to pay a ridiculous price. Stanwells are also pleasing to look upon, with stylish finishes and  shapes which give them an air of personality.

Check out Stanwell Pipes, if you are looking for an affordable high quality pipe which is pleasing on the eye, this might just be the one for you!