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Savinelli Pipes

savinelli PipesSavinelli pipes are classic looking Italian pipes created by the skilled artisans of 1876 with the highest quality in Sardinian and Corsican briar.

Savinelli pipes are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. As opposed to machine produced pipes, these are instead carefully handcrafted, assembled piece by piece, treated like the jewelled treasures that they are.

Savinelli pipes also have the ‘freehand’  pipes, which are famous for their unique shapes and individuality, each and every freehand pipe is practically original in shape as they are made according to the characteristics which are already held by the raw briar.

If you are looking for a visually attractive pipe which not only provides a beautiful smoke but also has character and class, this could be just the pipe you are looking for.

Savinellis have a unique filter system, in which a shaft is drilled, and into this a triangular piece of balsa wood is placed. This is so porous that it absorbs tar and nicotine, effectively providing a filter, cleaning the smoke, however if you don’t wish to use this it can easily be blocked with a plug which comes supplied with every pipe set.