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Peterson Pipes: High Quality Craftsmanship

peterson pipes

Peterson pipes are famous for their craftsmanship, where elegance, dedication and quality are classed as the important characteristics. The pipes made by Peterson are sure to offer you a fantastic smoke, easy maintenance, everlasting quality, fine craftsmanship and a great appreciation.

The history of Peterson pipes begins with Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, who were German immigrants to Ireland from Nuremberg, who founded the Kapp Brothers store on Grafton Street, Dublin in 1865. Shortly after, a Latvian immigrant named Charles Peterson strolled in the Kapp workshop and said that he could create a better pipe than they could. Bringing a very valuable combination of imaginative flair for pipes and a craftsman’s background, Peterson not only proved himself correct, but became the third partner in the company.

Nowadays, Peterson pipes are run by Thomas Palmer – and the company makes around 100,000 pipes each year. These pipes are distributed globally to offer the pleasure offered by smoking the pipes to absolutely everyone.

Considered one of the most famous designs from the Kapp and Peterson factory, the famed ‘Dry System’ pipes, patented in 1894 feature a small reservoir that is used to collect as much moisture as possible before it reaches the smoker. The system pipe is designed to create a drier and cooler smoke, while discouraging the formation of dottle. This system pipe is still a best seller for Peterson.

Another notable design from Peterson is the “P-lip”, which is a mouthpiece that directs smoke upwards towards the roof of the mouth, instead of the tongue. This will produce a direr and less biting smoke than when smoke is directed at the tongue directly.

Peterson offer many different models of pipes, which are available in a range of shapes, sizes, types and styles, so you can get something suits your personal style, preferences and smoking requirements.