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Orlik Pipes

Orlik PipesOrlik pipes are one of the finest pipe manufacturers in the world – and are available in polished and sandblast versions. Orlik pipes have small silver rings that have metal plates with Orlik embedded, where many smokers consider these pipes to be wonderful smokers.

Before Orlik became property of the Danish tobacco concern, the brand started as a quality London made pipe founded on Bond Street in 1899 by Louis Orlik. The company was known to produce a high quality pipe that compared to Dunhill, Sasieni, Barling, GBD, Loewe and Comroy’s until 1980, where there were acquired by Cardogan.

Orlik pipes offered by UK Tobacco are typically small and lightweight, with well designed bowl shapes and all the qualities of a pipe that is required for an excellent smoke – ensuring top quality at affordable prices.