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Northern Briar Pipes

Northern Briar PipesNorthern Briar Pipes are pipes that have been personally handcrafted by craftsman Ian Walker on his canal boat/workshop.  The business was founded by his father George Walker who passed his skills down to his sons. Ian was honoured as the maker of the 2005 British Pipe Smoking Championship pipes. He has been creating beautiful and ornate pipes that you are likely to treasure forever.

Ian has over time created a range of pipes in different shapes and sizes which are highly sought after by people all over the world, finding their way as a prized possession of many a smoking enthusiast.

Northern Briar pipes are world famous for being among the best pipes available on the market, with Ian taking his work utterly seriously and lovingly carving each piece of wood into a pristine masterpiece of magnificent proportions.

Northern Briar pipes can be of any number of different types, for example they are cut into a range of styles and shapes that any pipe enthusiast would be accustomed to, to a very high quality with a unique and interesting finish.

Overall if you take your pipes seriously and can see the benefit in getting a high quality pipe like this and have the funds to do so, I definitely recommend it.