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Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum PipesMeerschaum is often referred to as ‘Venus of the Sea’, ‘White Goddess’ as well as ‘White Gold’. Having been around as a material for much longer than others such as briar, it has always been the first and foremost choice for the finest of pipes all around the world.

These are what are considered to be the finest of pipes are carved and sculpted Meerschaum. They are not just pipes; they are a work of art. Because of this there are countless shapes and sizes of Meerschaum Pipes from basic standard shaped bowls to intricately designed sculptures of anything from a lion’s head to a complex weaving of patterns.

Meerschaum pipes can be either very expensive or relatively cheap; this usually depends on makers of the pipe, the quality of Meerschaum, the design and the finish, as well as the kind of stem used.

Meerschaum pipes change colour over time when being smoked, staring as a pure white, they will slowly change into shades of yellow, orange, red and amber from the base up, giving it a tarnished feel and look. Meerschaum is widely renowned for providing a clean flavourful and pure smoke. Meerschaum pipes are definitely worth a try, who knows they could be the one for you!