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Falcon Pipes

Falcon PipesThe Falcon pipe was first made in 1936 by Kenly Bugg, an engineer and craftsman, however it wasn’t until 1949 when they finally hit success.

The beautiful thing about Falcon pipes is the falcon system; which works in order to provide a cool smoke. This works because the smoke is drawn through a hole in the bottom of the unscrewable briar bowl hole through into a metal humadome which collects the moisture. This dries the smoke which means the smoke is pleasant and cool.

Falcons are distinguishable because they are made from metal, with a removable bowl that is made from traditional briar.

The Falcon is also good because it is easy to clean, because of its mostly metal as well as de-constructible nature you can take it apart to give it all a good clean which makes pipe-care much easier.

The bowl of a falcon pipe can even be unscrewed during smoking, to shake out any moisture in the humidome before you can carry on smoking.

The interchangeable nature of the pipe means that you can buy a range of stems and bowls and place them together as you wish. For example Meerschaum lined Falcon bowls are available to provide a different smoke to that which you would get if you just had a standard briar one. Briar pipes can also be carved with different patterns and stems in different styles (there’s a wide range to take a look at so make sure you pick the right one for you) so you can personally construct your smoking experience.

Falcon pipes are very effective and diverse pipes which provide a high quality and cool smoke thanks to its innovative design. These pipes are ideal for a smoking enthusiast who is either looking for a new favourite pipe. Rest assured, you won’t regret getting the Falcon.