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Falcon Coolway Pipes

Falcon Coolway PipesFalcon Coolway Pipes are quality briar pipes that come with usually a 6mm or 9mm filter. These pipes use a system that combines classic smoking with modern technology, with a Coolway system that means that pipe gives you a cooler, smoother and cleaner smoke than most other pipes.

All the pipes that are classed as Falcon Coolway come with interchangeable briar bowls that are made especially for the falcon pipe range. These bowls can be removed when necessary, whether it is to clean it, or to shake out any moisture before you continue your smoke.

Anybody that has experience smoking these types of pipes will tell you that they represent excellent value for money and are easy to maintain. These types of pipes have also gained a solid reputation for giving you endless enjoyable smokes.

The range of different shapes, sizes and designs means that there is a pipe to suit your requirements and preferences, whether you prefer a certain shape for your mouth, or simply have a visual preference on your pipes.

Thanks to its innovative design, Falcon Coolway pipes are ideal for the smoker that is looking for a new favourite pipe.