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Dr Plumb Pipes

Dr Plumb PipesDr Plumb Pipes have been produced to a distinctive shape and style for a great number of years now. Dr. Plumb excels in providing smooth and intense smokes depending on how you like it, these pipes are a very good quality for the price you pay.

Originally started as an answer for a demand for a line of cheap pipes in France, the pipe was named after the Parisian sales manager JB Rubinovich’s secretary, Leslie Plumb. The ‘Dr. Plumb’ brand name has changed hands from company to company because the distinctive shape is recognisable and they have a large following of Dr. Plumb enthusiasts.

A plus that the pipe possesses is that Dr. Plumbs are very compact and therefore do not take up much space. Dr Plumbs are very good beginner pipes because of their size, shape, price and ease of use.  These pipes are sturdy, reliable and easily accessible so you may want to try it out yourself before you make up your mind on them.

Bear in mind that while they may not necessarily be the highest of quality available, this often varies depending on factors such as when it was made and how well it has been maintained, much like any pipe.