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Chacom Pipes

Chacom PipesChacom are a creator and distributer of fine wooden pipes, made out of briar wood – among the finest burrs in the Mediterranean Basin. Chacom Pipes remains the biggest French brand to date when it comes to pipes, knowing how to ally tradition, creation and innovation all into a top quality pipe.

Although projects and development towards the brand and manufacturer were in progress pre 1928, the actual brand Chacom was born in 1928, where the first three letters of the Comoy and Chauis families were used. Up until 1939, these pipes were only offered in France, Belgium and Switzerland, before time progresses, along with the brand, which now operates in 58 countries worldwide.

Chacom pipes are made through an extensive and important process, where natural drying, ageing, grading and master crafting take place to ensure a high end pipe is resulted. Every pipe has adjustments made, goes through turning, stems operations, frazing, rasping, boring, race picking, fitting, polishing, colouring, brightening and stamping, before being presented to you for a pleasurable smoke.