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Butz Choquin

Butz Choquin PipesButz Choquin is a French producer of pipes, creating stylish and classy pipes which are a work of art, while there are classic designs available Butz Choquin Pipes come in a wide range of contemporary styles which are both unique and elegent.

While they used to be predominately sold and exported from France, they are now available from all over the world in countries such as the US and the UK.

Butz Choquin’s signature pipe, simply the ‘Choquin’, was curved with a flat bottom made from albatross bone and rings of silver. There are now over 70 varieties of pipes available, with any number of different prints and patterns.

For a stylish and sleek pipe which makes you really stand out from the rest of the pipe smoking crowd this is definitely for you. Bitz Choquin pipes come in funky prints, materials and colours which you wouldn’t normally find in the conventional pipe market. They can provide a distinguished look, and there’s no doubt about it; some of these pipes are very cool.

Since the companies conception they have been creating some of the worlds most distinctive yet functional pipes, while some designs may be unconventional, no one can argue with their prowess and awesome beauty.