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Amphora Pipes

Amphora Pipes are unique pipes that have a reputation of being fantastic smokers. These pipes are designed wholly to satisfy individual pipe smokers, where the build of the pipe is an utmost pleasure to explore. These pipes are unique, because it allows each pipe smoker to adjust the tobacco aroma precisely according to their personal taste. Amphora pipes possess the excellent qualities you would expect from a pipe of this class, where the bowl is crafted from 40 year old briar wood. Inside, the bowl is coated with a special layer of carbon so that the pipe does not have to be broken in.

UK tobacco showcases a selection of medium to large 9mm filter pipes with a unique air flow system.

Amphora unique airflow system

The globally recognised air flow system has been positioned where the pipe stem flows into the mouthpiece, using the slide adjustment on top, the tobacco aroma can be mixed with cool air as desired. The mixture can be adjusted easily thanks to the smooth working system of the slide adjustment.

As the slide adjustment is opened further, the air supply will increase; Beginners will particularly appreciate this feature used to reduce density of smoke which can initially cause irritation to the tongue. When the smoker wishes to increase the level of smoke density, the air supply can be decreased by closing the slide adjustment. The slide adjustment has been incorporated discreetly into the mouthpiece in order to preserve the pipes stylish appearance.