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Aldo Morelli

Aldo MorelliSlightly cheaper than the rest of the high end pipes, Aldo Morelli Pipes doesn’t have a long and celebrated history, however the brand is proving a great hit as 9mm pipes currently have a gap in the market and Aldo Morelli works hard to entertain this niche audience.

This is because health conscious smokers want a pipe which has an absorbent filter yet doesn’t fill up with residue after a few fills. Aldo Morellis use a standard 9mm bore, so they should work with any brand of filter without any trouble.

For the other end of the spectrum, the filter can also be removed to allow unlimited, untreated smoke straight into your lungs for a harsher, stronger smoke.

Overall, the Aldo Morelli is reasonably priced, not bad to look upon and fits snugly in your hand.