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Pipe Types

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Aldo Morelli Pipes

Aldo Morelli Pipes are proving to be a great hit 9mm pipes currently have a gap in the market and Aldo Morelli works hard to entertain this niche audience.  This is because health conscious smokers want a pipe which has an absorbent filter.


Amphora Pipes

Amphora pipes are unique pipes that have a reputation of being fantastic smokers. These pipes are designed wholly to satisfy individual pipe smokers, where the build of the pipe is an utmost pleasure to explore.


Big Ben Pipes

Many pipe smokers start off with a Big Ben Pipes due to their excellence, reliability and design style. Not only is a Big Ben the first pipe many smokers first trial, but is often their favourite – showing the quality and popularity of these pipes.


Butz Choquin Pipes

Butz Choquin is a French producer of pipes, creating stylish and classy pipes which are a work of art, while there are classic designs available Butz Choquin Pipes come in a wide range of contemporary styles which are both unique and elegent.


Chacom Pipes

Chacom are a creator and distributer of fine wooden pipes, made out of briar wood – among the finest burrs in the Mediterranean Basin. Chacom Pipes remains the biggest French brand to date when it comes to pipes.


Dr Plumb Pipes

Dr Plumb Pipes have been produced to a distinctive shape and style for a great number of years now. Dr. Plumb excels in providing smooth and intense smokes depending on how you like it, these pipes are a very good quality for the price you pay.


Falcon Coolway Pipes

Falcon Coolway Pipes are quality briar pipes that come with usually a 6mm or 9mm filter. These pipes use a system that combines classic smoking with modern technology, with a Coolway system that means that pipe gives you a cooler, smoother smoke.


Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum is often referred to as ‘Venus of the Sea’, ‘White Goddess’ as well as ‘White Gold’. Having been around as a material for much longer than others such as briar, it has always been the first and foremost choice for the finest of pipes all around the world.


Northern Briar Pipes

Northern Briar Pipes are pipes that have been personally handcrafted by craftsman Ian Walker on his canal boat/workshop.  The business was founded by his father George Walker who passed his skills down to his sons.


Orlik Pipes

Orlik pipes are one of the finest pipe manufacturers in the world – and are available in polished and sandblast versions. Orlik pipes have small silver rings that have metal plates with Orlik imbedded, where many smokers consider these pipes to be wonderful smokers.


Peterson Pipes

Peterson pipes are famous for their craftsmanship, where elegance, dedication and quality are classed as the important characteristics. The pipes made by Peterson are sure to offer you a fantastic smoke, easy maintenance, and everlasting quality.


Savinelli Pipes

Savinelli pipes are classic looking Italian pipes created by the skilled artisans of 1876 with the highest quality in Sardinian and Corsican briar and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Stanwell Pipes

The largest maker of pipes in demark is the world famous Stanwell Pipes, Founded in 1942 they are best known for making this best pipes remade by machines worldwide.


Falcon Pipes

The Falcon pipe was first made in 1936 by Kenly Bugg, an engineer and craftsman, however it wasn’t until 1949 when they finally hit success.  The beautiful thing about Falcon pipes is the falcon system; which works in order to provide a cool smoke.