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Lighter Guide

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A lighter is a key instrument for any avid smoker. Without a good lighter, you aren’t accompanying your smoking goods with good quality equipment that could essentially compromise the quality and enjoyment of the actual smoking experience.

There are a large range of different types of lighters, specialised for lighting different smoking instruments. There are a range of cigarette lighters, pipe lighters, cigar lighters and the world famous Zippo lighters all in stock at UKTobacco.


Choosing The Right Lighter


UKTobacco stocks a great range, but how do you choose? There are conventional style lighters, or the blazer torch style, so dependent on your requirements and preferences; you may prefer one style over another.


Types of Lighters:


Cigarette Lighters

Windmill Lighters: Choose either a flint operated cigarette lighter or the battery operated versions, you’ll be sure to have a top quality lighter with a nice design and finish.  These are great value for money lighters and will surely impress when you pull it out to light up.

Sarome Lighters: These metal lighters are designed to give you an odourless gas flame that uses the filled cartridge. These Sarome lighters are available in flint and electronic versions to give you an easy and effective light to allow you to enjoy your smoke.

Pierre Cardin Lighters: These lighters are designed beautifully to a very ‘classy’ genre. These lighters are electronic gas refillable, coming in a range of gun metal, chrome, black and gold finishes. These lighter are available with conventional flames, or the jet flame feature, making it easy for you to light up before you enjoy your smoke.

Other Lighters:  UKTobacco’s range of ‘other lighters’ consists of disposable lighters, Clipper lighters with adjustable flames, and an innovative SRM USB Lighter! These lighters are great for more short term use over the longevity you’d expect with the other lighters stocked.

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Pipe Lighters

Pipe Lighter

Peterson Pipe Lighters: This type of lighter is perfect for lighting your pipe. Pipe smokers are the heaviest users of lighters as they are constantly re-lighting their pipe. Tobacco decries always manages to get into the valves and mechanism of cheap lighters, resulting in a panic run to the corner shop for some matches. This lighter is comfortably one of the best for lighting pipes thanks to its overall build and design.

Sarome Pipe Lighters: The pipe lighters are a tidy, solid design build that allows refills. These lighters are a recognised good quality and reliable lighter used by pipe smokers.

Corona Pipe Lighters: A high end type of lighter, the Corona pipe lights are very smart and stylish and is a lighter that any pipe smoker would be proud to pull out. They are refillable and come in a range from electronic operated and adjustable flame control.

Other Pipe Lighters: There is a range of ‘other’ pipe lighters that are fantastic value. From Promise pipe lighters, to Cozy Brown/Black, Imco and Prince Pippette, there is a lighter to suit every smoker’s preferences, requirements and budgets.

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Cigar Lighters

Prometheus Cigar Lighters: These lighters come in torch flame and soft flame types, and boast creative and stylish designs. You only have to take one look at the Prometheus light range to see that they are some great looking lighters, which are refillable and will last forever!


Famous Brands:


Zippo Lighter

Zippo Lighters

Without doubt the most famous brand of lighter in the world. This company produced the Zippo lighter, which has been around for several decades, coming in a huge range of highly collectable designs. The lighters can be reused when the case runs out, meaning the lighter can be used for ever, giving them huge sentimental and collective value.


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Lighter Accessories

There are a range of lighter flints suitable for a range of different brands from Ronson, Dunhill and Swan, to Zippo and Sarome. UK Tobacco caters for all your cigarette, cigar and pipe lighting needs, making smoking an easy and pleasurable experience.