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Tobacco & Cigar FAQ


What Are Some of the Different Forms of Tobacco?


There is an extensive range of different produce in tobacco from around the globe with each having unique and attractive qualities with every puff. To really help you understand the difference between pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco, it’s best to experiment to really help distinguish what you do and don’t like.


How Do Cigarettes and Cigars Differ?


Although in essence, they have similar properties, the differences in smoking experiences between the two are usually far removed from each other.

Take, for instance, your regular cigarette which you buy over the counter at your local supermarket. These will be laden with all forms of additives and carcinogenic ingredients; all required for longevity when pre-packed. In some cases, these cigarettes can have a wide variety of different tobaccos and materials within them that it’s hard to know what is what.

Although not completely risk-free, cigars offer a much cleaner alternative for you and your body. This is because most premier cigars are not processed by machine but are rolled by hand, particularly Cuban cigars. Very little is done to tamper with the contents and as inhalation is not advised, you have less of an intake.


How Do You Smoke A Pipe?


Smoking with a pipe is almost an art and requires some smokers to practice for years before they really perfect the technique. Luckily, if you’re a first time sampler, then there are a few simple suggestions to help ease you into it.

  • To start off, it may sound simple but you should always check the bowl of your pipe. Any stray materials can affect your smoking experience so it’s best to make sure it’s cleaned beforehand.
  • Gradually add your tobacco. There’s nothing worse than simply stuffing it to the brim in a rush as you will suffer from inconsistency. Instead, try and add pinches of your tobacco at a time and ensure that it is tamped down on occasion so that it maintains its “spring”.
  • It’s always good practice to light the tobacco but not properly as you will never have the best puff from the first light. Simply encircle the flame around your bowl making sure not to char it before you take a gentle puff to clear out the residue.
  • Now comes the real enjoyment as you can light up correctly. Dance the flame over your tobacco until it burns slightly and then puff away. Don’t take heavy inhales as it may be overwhelming to begin with so moderation is the operative word in this instance.


What Is Snuff Tobacco?


Much like pipe smoking, the usage of snuff is making a bit of a resurgence in modern times as its status grows.

There is little preparation necessary when it comes to the intake of snuff which is what makes it so attractive to some people. As a smokeless form of tobacco, it is becoming more popular with people who would like to quit or those that want to try something different.

Usually available in scented or flavoured varieties in Europe, snuff tobacco is taken in through the nose. Although a bit alien at first, snuff enthusiasts swear by this unique experience.


Which Smoking Pipe Is Right For Me?


It all depends on how long you’ve been trying it out. It’s always advised that those new to the practice should invest in a relatively cheap pipe. This is because splashing out on a bells-and-whistles pipe can prove problematic if you discover that pipe smoking isn’t for you. Therefore, something cheap and cheerful like a corncob pipe is a good setting off point for newcomers.

For the enthusiasts, it again can vary from person to person. Aesthetically, a classic style Dr. Plumb pipe is always in demand as it offers plenty of reliability and longevity. The more extravagant may wish to try a Meerschaum which are just as much pieces of art as they are excellent pipes. Again, the only real way to know which is best for you is to dive in and try.



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