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At UKTobacco we like to ensure that the products you are buying are exactly what you want/need. With this in mind we have written a few brief smoking guides that will help you take into account a few aspects of the products enabling you to make an informed and useful decision.

Our Tobacco Guide covers everything you need to know about pipe tobacco and how to choose the perfect one to suit your taste.

Pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing one is not often a clear cut decision. Our Pipe Guide introduces the different pipe types and will help you choose your ideal product.

Cigars require the same depth of understanding as fine wine. It is essential that you choose the perfect cigar for you. We have put together a brief Cigar Smoking Guide which includes some really useful cigar information as well as a summary of some of the most popular cigar types.

All to often people accept everyday disposable lighters, for different situations, not realising that there are custom made lighters so suit every smoker. To enable you to choose the right lighter for the right application we have written out Guide to Lighters .