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Cigar Types

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Havana Cigars

Havana is the capital and largest city in Cuba. It is known very well for its production of some very fine and highly sought after cigars. These cigars make up one of the country’s leading exports, with the range including Bolivar, Montecristo, Romeo & Julieta, Punch, Saint Luis Rey, Patagas, Cohiba and H Uppman. The country has some of the most skilled cigar rollers in the world, which combine with the high quality filler, binder and wrapper.


Honduran Cigars

Honduran cigars are widely popular and are typically heavy and full bodied, making them usually stronger than Dominican or Nicaraguan cigars. There are however a range of milder Honduran cigars. Popular cigars from this region include La Invicta, Cao and Don Ramos, Cao Italia Novella and Caribbean Corona. The cigars made here are of outstanding quality with distinctive taste, tanks to the soil and climate that make for a fantastic growing environment.


Dominican Cigars

The Dominican Republic is the world’s largest producer of Cigars. There are over 600,000 acres of tobacco plant fields in the country that produce a very distinctive tobacco with excellent taste. They are usually much milder than Havana/ Cuban cigars and can come in a range of full flavoured brands with tasteful and interesting blends. Some of the best brands are Santa Damiana, La Aurora and Macanudo.


Nicaraguan Cigars

The cigar industry in Nicaragua is very much like its neighbouring country Honduras. Its cigar industry became popular due to the Cuban revolution, where numerous cigar experts fled Cuba and moved onto live and work in Nicaragua. The majority of cigars in this country are produced in the city of Estelí, located in the north west of the country. The soil here is a rich and black colour which is very fertile. This produces primarily dark and full bodied cigars, with popular brands being Coa Gold Maduro, Charatan, Churchill and Oliva Serie.


Other Cigars

Aside from the above main cigar types, there are plenty of other options should you wish to try something different, or potentially at a lower price. The likes of Villiger, CharantanVasco da Gama and Henri Wintermans are all cigars made outside of these countries that smoke incredibly well.


Pre- Pack Cigars

Pre pack cigars are available from UK Tobacco, ranging from Agio, E Nobel, De Olifant, Cuesta Rey, Backwoods, Cafe Creme, Candelight Vanilla and Cherry cigars. There are some excellent pre packed cigars that come in a larger pack. Here you may find the perfect set of cigars for an excellent price.


Cigar accessories

UK Tobacco stock a range of cigar accessories, with essential items required to store, prepare and smoke a cigar properly.