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Tobacco: An ancient spiritual tradition

Tobacco has a rich history that stretches back before modern times and well before records began. Our journey starts in the depths of South America where communities used tobacco as a form of communion with the holy higher powers. It was a sacrament that was an important element of ritual worship, peace treaties and Amerindian ceremonies. This is true for those who dwelled in Cabo Cameron in Honduras, and those of the Rio Grande in Nicaragua. In these cultures, only the seers (Sukia) had the privilege of smoking this ceremonial leaf and its holy smoke.

Tobacco preparations and use varied across the American supercontinent. Many tribes will have different teachings about its spiritual importance and use. In many teachings, the smoke from burned tobacco holds the purpose of carrying thoughts and prayer to the spirit world or the creator god. A gift of tobacco is a sign of respect and maybe offered when asking for help, guidance or even protection.

Rediscover the roots of tobacco

As tobacco is in this day and age is unfortunately somewhat disconnected from its ethnic past, that’s why Umnum cigars are created with the express intention of reestablishing the roots of the tobacco smoking experience.

This is where Umnum cigars come in, these beautifully crafted cigars have the culture andhistory in mind within their design and craftsmanship.

Umnum Cigars pay homage to the Sukia spirit, the black background on the logo/crest represents the world of dreams, while the gold represents ash and fire – elements that we are only too familiar with when smoking a cigar.

The filler tobacco comes from Jalapa in Guatemala and Ometepe (an island in Lago Cocibolca), the binding tobacco is taken from Indonesia, while the wrapper is from Nicaragua. As such, this cigar is constructed from tobacco from some of the finest tobacco regions in the globe, to create a well-rounded experience.

While this cigar is more affordable than others, it certainly doesn’t look in any way cheap. The ring is gorgeously coloured in – it has a matte black band with a shiny copper coloured logo of a traditional image of a South American figure.

Ometepe, Nicaragua

Built to delight

The cigar is very well constructed and has a medium-strong aroma. Smoking it will give you a forest smell. It has a coffee flavour upon smoking which is also very pleasant. As you move further on with the cigar and your taste buds grow accustomed to it you will love the flavour profile of black pepper, sweetness, wood, leather, coffee and tasty nutty tones. The smoke time of this is around three hours and fifteen minutes.


A first for the UK

While these cigars were previously not available within the United Kingdom, they are thankfully a new addition to our catalogue here at UK Tobacco. If you would like to try this wonderful, traditional cigar, you can order today and we will get it over to you at the soonest possible opportunity.

You are just a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a screen away from an authentic South American smoking experience.