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There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment that comes from smoking a tobacco pipe. Taking a couple of puffs of your favourite pipe tobacco blend will help to melt those worries away. Tobacco pipes also have some interesting facts associated with them.

#1. Pipes have been around for Thousands of Years

Pipes have literally been around for thousands of years; with some of the earliest uses dating back to the ancient Roman Empire (they burned leaves back then, not tobacco). Whilst the design of pipes has changed over the years, the overall purpose has remained the same: to provide a suitable area in which to burn plants in order to create an enjoyable smoke.

#2. There are World-Renown Pipe Makers

Some people in the world make their living from producing and selling high-end tobacco pipes. The pipes that they produce and sell are meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials and techniques possible. This results in a superior level of quality that cannot be found in your typical pipes.

#3. Pipe Tobacco is Higher Quality than Cigarette Tobacco

Pipe tobacco is generally considered to be of a higher quality than the tobacco used in cigarettes. Tobacco farmers choose only the best quality tobacco for use as pipe tobacco; this allows for subtle nuances in flavour that really strike your taste buds when you smoke it. Stick with or try pipe tobacco if you want to truly enjoy the rich flavours of tobacco.

#4. A Dirty Pipe May Prove Beneficial

Have you ever noticed the caked on ash that develops inside your tobacco pipe bowl? This may actually prove beneficial, as it helps to reduce the chance of burning. Without this crucial protective layer covering the bowl, your tobacco pipe could be exposed to direct fire; and constantly placing a flame on pipe day after day may cause some damage.

#5. Tobacco was Brought Over to Europe From The Americas

Historians believe that early American settlers brought Tobacco over to Europe in the 16th century at which point is popularity quickly skyrocketed. Up until this point, tobacco had been limited exclusively to the New World. Native Americans smoked it on a regular basis and it is as a trading medium with settlers.