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Once you set foot into the cigar lifestyle, you quickly realise that you’ve entered a very unique world. First, getting to grips with the basics is essential. Here are some common mistakes made by new cigar smokers and how to combat them.

Smoking too fast

If you’re experiencing acrid and bitter flavours then it’s extremely possible that you’re doing it wrong. This is an all too common occurrence with new cigar smokers, and it is especially prevalent in those who have transitioned from cigarettes. It is a learning curve, smoking slow and steady keeps the flavours vibrant and satisfying. Let the cigar guide you – smaller ring gauges will naturally burn faster, hotter and will require a slower pace; whereas larger and denser cigars may allow (or require) a faster pace. Aside from all this, pay attention to your taste buds and your cigar; that’s all you need to ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

Deep Cuts

This is a frequent problem new cigar smoker’s face. Making too deep of a cut into your cigar can have things unravelling in no time at all. Carefully chopping off the cap is a requirement, hacking it off is not. When your cigar is rolled, a Rolero begins to apply glue to the end of the wrapper that will become the head of the cigar; then additional glue is added to the cap of the cigar to hold everything else in place, as well as making the cigar look aesthetically pleasing. Some new smokers cut below the cap, this can result in the wrapper unravelling and it all falling apart in your hands. Essentially, remove as little of the cap as possible when making your cut.

Buying the Most Expensive Cigars First

This is a common trap for new cigar smokers – expensive cigars are seen as being predominantly better than their more inexpensive counterparts. Most new cigar smokers will have tried the cheaper alternatives and would have possibly picked up bad habits along the way. Then they could have moved onto a more expensive cigar, treat it with those bad habits and think that it’s not worth the money.

There is a time and place for everything; this is also true for cigars. Your tastes will change over time, and many good tobacconists will encourage their customers to revisit cigars over time.


It doesn’t matter whether they’re slamming the brand, or your personal choice for smoking a cigar – someone is judging you. Cigars are a time honoured Gentleman’s or Lady’s hobby, and courteous people will always make others feel comfortable whilst partaking in an activity they enjoy.

There’s only one person that can tell you what you do and don’t enjoy doing, and that is you. If you enjoy a cigar, enjoy it fully and don’t let others make you feel as though you shouldn’t.

Over-thinking It

Enjoy your cigar! It’s all too easy to get caught up in the preparation and not truly enjoy the amazing cigar. Daily life is distracting, perhaps you want to share a snap on social media – this takes away from the experience of smoking the cigar itself.

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a cigar, as long as you are enjoying it. Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy each and every cigar you smoke.