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UKTobacco is here to provide our customers, both new and old, with as much information as possible on our products. Here we want to take a look at the absolute basics of pipe smoking; right at the beginning, for anyone who may be unsure about how to get the most out of their favourite pipe. So, you have your pipe and the appropriate tobacco, then let’s go straight to step one.

1. First things first; pick up your pipe and blow gently through the mouthpiece, enough for you to be sure that air is flowing through nicely and is completely clear.

2. To achieve the best results when using your pipe, it is important to build up a carbonised lining inside the bowl interior. This lining allows the bowl to become insulated for a much cooler, flavoursome taste. It is not uncommon for a brand new pipe to have a carbonised lining straight from the factory; however, it is much more beneficial to build up your own carbonised lining over time, keeping it trimmed to around 1/16th of an inch.

3. The next step is to fill your pipe with your desired tobacco. If you have done this correctly then your first taste should be exquisite; however, if done incorrectly you will find yourself with a rather bitter aftertaste. Often a beginner pipe smoker will feel the hot, stinging sensation on the tip of their tongue and make the assumption that using a pipe is not for them.

However, simple alterations to your preparation methods can prevent this from happening. The best method is to fill your pipe bowl by trickling the tobacco down gentle two or three times until the bowl is full. Begin to draw through the mouthpiece once or twice to ensure there is no congestion.

4. The best way to light your pipe is with a pipe lighter or by using a wooden match. It may interest you to know that lighting your fresh tobacco for the first time in your bowl is called the ‘charring light’. This creates a ‘lid’ over the tobacco to allow for an easier second light. Draw on the mouthpiece several times to slowly light the tobacco.

5. Don’t feel like you are using an excessive amount of matches to light your tobacco. Tobacco is a natural product so it has tendencies to go out quite a lot. Eventually, you may start to hear the sounds of your pipe combusting the moisture inside. This is perfectly fine; however, the ‘juices’ should be removed as quickly as possible and the pipe cleaner should be used to clean the air hole.

6. Looking after your pipe properly and regularly will allow your pipe to last for many years, only improving with age. Two pipes are always better than one to increase the lifespan of your favourite; however, this is not essential.