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Any pipe user or pipe enthusiast will know how important it is to keep their pipes clean and maintained. This is the same for any other collections such as cigars or lighters; it is so important to keep everything in top condition to ensure they function correctly when needed. Provided that pipe owners take good care of their favourite pipes, they should function correctly for many years, free from any trouble or need of servicing. However, if problems do occur, then we may have some solutions which are listed below.

Problem #1: “My pipe is well looked after and cleaned regularly. However, the taste is still sour, hot and wet.”

Solution: The pipe has most likely become over-saturated with moisture. The best solution to this problem is to leave the pipe to dry for a week at the very least. It is recommended that users leave their pipes to rest for longer between smokes to let it dry more thoroughly. If these solutions do not work, it is not uncommon for users to place non-iodised salt in the bowl alongside three or four drops of pure alcohol and leaving it for 24 hours. Clean the bowl as normal afterwards and this should solve the taste issue.

Problem #2: “My pipe keeps going out more often than it should.”

Solution: Check that the airway of the pipe is completely clean and clear. Also, check that the tobacco being used is not tightly packed into the bowl.

Problem #3: “My pipe’s bowl becomes very hot during use.”

Solution: The solution to this problem is simple; your tobacco is packed to loosely and is “stoking” the heat as you draw from the pipe. Pack the tobacco tighter, or alternatively you can relax during your smoke to reduce the amount of heat being produced.

Problem #4: “The stem of my pipe has become discoloured and tastes rather sour.”

Solution: It is advisable to not leave your pipe in direct sunlight, as this will cause discolouration in most everyday objects. However, with pipes, direct sunlight brings the sulphur in the vulcanite to the surface. This discolouration can be removed by using a very fine grade sandpaper.

If we have not presented a solution to your pipe problem, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the problem further and we will try our very best to fix any issues you have.