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In the world of cigar ownership, there is a somewhat common occurrence that can send even the most experienced cigar connoisseur into a frenzied panic. It usually goes a little something like this; they decide to open up their high quality humidor, only to discover that a number of the cigars inside have gathered distinctively white “dust” on their surface. Is this white dust a form of mold? Has the humidor your cigars are stored in become faulty and completely ruined your collection? Have your cigars gathered rot and become unusable?

You will be happy to know that the white “dust” that has accumulated on your cigars is completely harmless to your collection, and is, in fact, the sign of a healthy cigar that is kept in the correct humidity. Known as “cigar bloom”, this white “dust” is actually the visible formation of the oils within the cigar and will form after your collection has been kept at the right humidity for a long period of time. If your collection has been sat in the right environment aided by a quality humidor for some time now, then cigar bloom is something you should take pride in discovering.

If the cigars were gathering mold, the surfaces would have been a distinctively different colour. Blotches of blue and green and general discolouration would be the result of mold, which would subsequently result in the cigars being unusable. Mold can be easily prevented by regularly checking the environment that your cigars are kept in, and taking note of the humidity levels to ensure that your humidor is providing a beneficial environment. It is important to remember that a cigar that has gathered mold on its surface will have more than likely left behind spores that can affect your entire collection.

Cigar bloom is a useful way to learn that your cigars are in perfect condition. The bloom has no effect on the taste of the cigar and is simply visible confirmation that your humidor is doing its job correctly. However, should you require further information then please do contact us in order to learn more about cigar bloom.