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The long and rich tradition of pipe smoking is celebrated worldwide on International Pipe Smoking Day. Every year on February 20th we commemorate the brotherhood of our shared values, history and tradition. This Stanwell pipe (Sandblast 9mm filter) has a wonderful blue marble effect acrylic mouthpiece and is the official International pipe of the year for 2018. Its design has an inner bowl diameter measuring 19mm, an outer bowl height 45mm, 14.5cm long and weighs 53g.

More often than not, when pipe smokers discuss the pipes that continue to provide a great smoke and produce a creative and elegant design that utilising Danish pipe making with an excellent value for money, they are discussing Stanwell pipes. Pipe smoking customers from across the globe compliment the functionality and design of Stanwell pipes year after year, and are quite possibly the most efficient pipe making factory in the world. It is the efficiency that made the pipe such a popular choice for customers and the reason it only continues to grow in popularity.

Here at UKTobacco we are always striving to provide the same level of satisfaction for our customers, which is exactly why we are enthusiastic about the Stanwell Pipe being this year’s pipe for International Pipe Day 2018. The Stanwell pipe offers an unbeatable high level of quality at incredibly reasonable prices, with our Stanwell Pipe only costing £79.99 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

You may also be interested in the extensive range of smoking accessories available at Our handy accessories include pipe cleaners and filters, pipe knives and tools, pipe racks and replacement parts. If there are any pipes or accessories you may wish to purchase but cannot be found on our site, please contact us to make an enquiry and we will try our best to order the product for you.