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Those of you who are fond of fine cigars and various high quality cigar accessories; you may have come across a variety of different cigar names that begs the question, “where did they get that name from”? You may have even pondered about what name you would give to your own brand of cigar or cigar accessories. Regardless of which question you have asked yourself, it is almost a guarantee that you will be interested to know the stories behind some of the world’s most famous cigar brands.

Winston Churchill

Upon hearing the name Winston Churchill, almost every single person will immediately picture the United Kingdom’s most famous Prime Minister with a cigar in hand. There is not a single person in history that even comes close to Churchill’s association with cigars, with him rarely being photographed without one.

Monte Cristo

Named after the novel The Count of Monte Cristo, written by Alexandre Dumas, this cigar brand got its name from the fact the novel was beloved by many cigar rollers who worked in the factories whilst working hard.

Romeo Y Julieta

Named after one of the most famous Shakespearean tragedies; the story of Romeo and Juliet is one of extreme conflict between two duelling families, with some dire miscommunication causing the tragedy. However, the Romeo Y Julieta range is only a tragedy when not being used.

Those who have had the honour of having a cigar named after them are in an incredibly prestigious group. Each cigar name serves a purpose and provides a rich history and background to the brand.

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