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From Pipes, to Snuff Tobacco, to Cigarettes – History of Tobacco

Tobacco has a long history since before western introduction. This stems from its usages in the early Americas, and then increasingly popular with the arrival of the Spanish to America. This introduced tobacco to Europeans by which it was heavily traded. Following on from the industrial revolution, after which cigarettes were incredibly sought after in the new world, as well as euripi. This fostered yet another unparalleled increase in growth, and before the 1950s it remained so.

After it spread to all four corners of the world, from North and South America, to Europe, the Middle-East and The Far East It was being grown on plantations in North America before being shipped across the globe to keen enthusiasts.

Tobacco has been consumed in various ways since its spread. It was originally enjoyed by the native Americans smoking it through a pipe. However methods have been developed and evolved to be consumed in many various other ways, such as snuff tobacco and cigarettes


Tobacco consumed through a long wooden bowl and mouthpiece. This is thought to be the original method of tobacco consumption. In Vietnam, and a strong variant of tobacco is inhaled through long water pipes called thuoc lao.


This is tobacco rolled up into tight long rolls of paper. This is today the most commonly used method of tobacco inhalation, with small packs widely available to purchase.


These are bigger rolls of tobacco, wrapped in a leaf. This came from central and south America, with pots found in Guatemala depicting a Mayan woman smoking a cigar tied up with string, dating back as far as the 10th Century.

Snuff Tobacco

Inhaling ground or pulverised Snuff tobacco through your nose, this was taken by placing it in between your thumb and knuckles or between two fingers and then promptly inhaling. This would often be kept in a secure ‘snuff box’. Snuff tobacco has proven to be healthier than smoking. This was often sniffed by aristocratic men as a show of prestige compared with middle and working classes.

Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco before spitting it out. This isn’t as popular as it was in earlier years, as chewing gum has effectively replaced it


Long tall water pipes which are effective in cooling tobacco, popular in the middle east.