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On May 20th new tobacco laws come into place that means that UK tobacco will see some changes in our product range and supply.

You will still be able to purchase your favourite tobacco you know and love, but you might notice some changes.  You will have seen from our ‘Tobacco Name Changes’ post, some of our products will have been renamed in line with the new requirements. If you have any queries with regards to the tobacco you have been used to buying and the newly branded product, we will be pleased to help you find the right product for you.

The new Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (2016) also mean that tobacco packaging will also see changes. All tobacco will be of uniform colour and will be found in the same size and shape varieties.

The great news is that during this time, there will be a period where you might be able to find your favourite tobacco at a special price so that we can refresh our stock in time to meet these new regulations:

Cigars: Price Was Now
Drew Estate Morado Maduro £29.99 £25
Drew Estate Blue Connecticut £29.99 £25
Handelsgold Peach £7.59 £5
Principes Chico Chocolate £13.13 £10
La Paz Wilde Cigarillos Brazil £22.75 £20
Montecristo Minis £7.29 £6
Cohiba Club White £13.77 £10
Vasco De Gama Port Cigar £8.25 £5
Pipe Tobacco:
Davidoff Brazil £14.95 £10
Davidoff Argentina £14.95 £10
Davidoff Malawi £14.95 £10
Davidoff Red £14.75 £10

In addition to these discounts, we will be relaunching the very popular Amphora & Amphora No2 tobacco. The Amphora Full tobacco is considered the more aromatic of the two varieties, bringing you a subtle mixture of fragrances of raspberries, oranges and floral notes.

The Amphora No2 range brings you a balanced blend of tobacco from 3 continents. You’ll find that this cherry Cavendish blend will offer a very flavorful smoke, with notes of ripe cherries. If you’re looking to try something new, you might also like to try our range of New, Old favourites from Dunhill; My Mixture 221b Baker Street, Ye Olde Signe and the Dunhill Dark Flake.