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Due to new laws, UK tobacco will be seeing a wide variety of name changes to the range. Whilst you will notice a new name, packaging and weight, it will still be the tobacco you have you have always known.

Please see our most recent blog post to find out what your favourite tobacco is now called. Alternatively, if you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]


WAS                                               NOW

Alsbo Cherry                                    Alsbo Ruby

Alsbo Vanilla                                    Alsbo Sungold

Borkum Riff Black Bourbon         Borkum Riff Bronze

Borkum Riff Cherry                       Borkum Riff Ruby

Brookfield Aromatic                      Brookfield No1

Brookfield Black Bourbon            Brookfield No4

Clan Aromatic                                 Clan Original

Craven Aromatic                            Craven Original

Golden Blends Vanilla                   Golden Blends No1

Golden Blends Black Cherry        Golden Blends No2

Golden Blends Amaretto              Golden Blends No3

MacBaren Aromatic Choice        MacBaren Absolute Choice

MacBaren Vanilla Cream             Macbaren Classic

MacBaren Vanilla Toffee Cream       MacBaren Classic Amber

MacBaren Cherry Ambrosia       MacBaren Red Ambrosia

McLintocks Black Cherry              McLintocks Black C

Peterson Irish Whisky                   Peterson Irish Mixture

Peterson Sweet Killarney             Peterson Killarney

Players Whisky                               Players Highland Mixture

SG Black Cherry                              SG B C Cavendish

SG Chocolate Flake                        SG C H Flake

WAS                                              NOW

SG Kendal Cream Flake                SG K C Flake

Ogdens Walnut Flake                    Ogdens Original Flake



WAS                          NOW

Raspberry Snuff                             R Type

Gawith’s Apricot                            Gawith’s Original

Sam Gawith Apricot                      Keswick

Sam Gawith Raspberry                 R’Berry



Davidoff Blue Mixture

Davidoff Green Mixture

Davidoff Red Mixture

MacBaren Vanilla Cream (Loose)

MacBaren Roll Cake (Loose)

Players Navy Cut

Rattray’s Hal’o the wynd 100g (Now available in 50g)

SG Black XX (Available while stocks last)

SG Brown No4 Twist (Available while stocks last)

SG Christmas Mixture

SG Scotch Cut Mix (Available while stocks last)

SG Westmorland Mixture (Available while stocks last)

Troost Aromatic (Available while stocks last)