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At UK tobacco we are always looking to offer up the best quality tobaccos on the market and this includes the newest ranges available from our most favorited tobacco brands.  This spring, we will be introducing a new range of loose pipe tobacco from Dunhill.

Dunhill is are blending its old favourite, which was first launched in 1971. The Dunhill Dark Flake has built up a reputation for full flavour and body which is industry recognised. This particular tobacco contains sweet flavour notes of dried fruit.

Perhaps you might like more aromas in your smoke? The English style Virginia Tobacco blend called ‘My Mixture 221b Baker Street’ might be the ideal choice for you. This dark fired tobacco provides a powerful smoke with roasted side notes for a rich smoking experience.

If you’re torn between the two choices, the ‘Ye Olde Signe’ provides a good balance of medium body and aroma with a full flavour. This range originated all the back in 1915 and has truly stood the test of time. It offers a pleasant sweetness you might enjoy from a 100% Virginia blend.

These new blends are a great addition to our wide variety from a number of different suppliers. It means that we can always find a tobacco that’s suited to your individual taste.  We also supply a range of accessories and humidifiers to make sure your tobacco stays fresh and keeps its flavour.

Take a look at our range of pipes which make the ideal gift for smokers. Throughout March we will be offering 10% off our entire Stanwell pipe range. Click here to view our Stanwell pipes.

Note: Each of the tobaccos above will be available in 50gr outers in line with new tobacco regulations.