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UKT NewsWith not long to go until Father’s Day, many are looking for suitable gifts for their Dad.

As the date Sunday 19th June gets ever so closer, now is a good time to take action and make sure you’ve got something your father is going to love!

At UK Tobacco we stock an extensive range of smoking supplies, but also offer a wonderful Gift section that is somewhat tailored for your father. Here we throw a few ideas about that you can get from us here at UKTobacco.

Gift Ideas

Check out our gift ideas here – all available from our shop that your father will love.

Cigar Gift Box

We stock a range of gift boxes that contain a number of high quality but affordable cigars. Our gift sets come with wonderful tasting cigars in a well presented and beautifully finished box. See range >

Men’s Shaving

All men need to shave – and many of us like to use high quality shaving creams, razors and brush sets that give us a quality shaving experience. Your father will love one of our shaving sets combined with one of our shaving creams. See range >

Leather Goods

We have a selection of Gents leather wallets and card holders that make for a highly suitable and stylish gift this father’s day. A range of colours and variations, with and without coin holders mean you’ve got a good selection to choose from here. See range >

Pipe Starter Set

For an aspiring pipe smoker, we’ve got some pipe starter sets that will ease your father into his new found hobby. The big Ben Pipe Starter Set (bent or straight) is a good choice, while we also offer the Vauen Filer Pipe Starter Set. See range >


We have a huge range of pipes, with a series of new ones namely some new Stanwell and Peterson pipes that are hugely popular amongst regular smokers. You can check out the whole pipe range here and find one that fits your father’s pipe smoking preferences. See range >


A large selection of loose flake, ready rubbed and aromatic tobacco are available from our store, and we would be more than happy to be the provider of your fathers next loose pipe tobacco. Current favourites include Exclusiv Black Cherry, Cherry Pipe Tobacco, Vanilla Pipe Tobacco among our shag, American and Flake/Twist tobaccos. See range >

Men’s Silk Ties

A fine silk tie will always go down an absolute treat with any gentleman. Over the years many men gather a collection of lovely ties, so why not offer one from yourself that he can wear knowing it is from you. We have a range of colours and styles you can see here. See range >

Hip Flasks

Considered by many as the perfect gift, a hip flask is one of those timeless classics that will always be well received. The wonderful things about these are that they can be engraved to hold your own personal message and will always remind your father of you. See range >


In theme with our smoking supplies, we supply pipe shape cufflinks that will go down very well with the seasoned pipe smoker. If your Dad enjoys smoking his pipe, this gift will be a lovely addition to a new pipe, cigar or loose pipe tobacco. See range >


We stock a range of zippo, cigarette, and pipe lighters that beat any throwaway lighter any day of the week. Offer some quality this father’s day with a long lasting and stylish lighter that your father can use to smoke his pipes, cigarettes or cigars. See range >

Whatever you decide, we hope your father will love his gift from you this year. Check out our store for any other ideas when it comes to shopping for that perfect gift.