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Pipe TypesFeefo, the Internet trading equivalent of Trip Advisor have awarded us a global award, recognising our 100% positive customer satisfaction rating from over 3000 reviewers.

We have been using the internet to improve our business and service to our customers, totalling over a 15 year online adventure that has been incredibly exciting.

Our offerings are run from our newsagents and tobacconist shop, offering all related products to such themes. We are also suppliers of many Welsh branded items such as rugby shirts, clothes, baseball caps and even Welsh dragon onesies.

Our Gold Trusted Merchant status was secured after we reached the 3000 reviewing customers and we will endeavour to continue offering our dedicated services.

We are suppliers of all things tobacco, with the likes of cigars, pipes, loose pipe tobacco, rolling tobacco, lighters and smoking accessories all available. You can visit our Shop here!

We recently gave an interview to a local paper:

Chris Duckworth said: “Selling online was one of the best decisions I have ever made so I will always be grateful to Paul Levy, from Livetech.


“After the move online, the business just grew and grew each year – turnover doubled in the first several years.


“To get in early was good because obviously, the earlier you get in, the better the domain name you can get and you get an established customer base as well right from the start.


“Ecommerce has transformed the business. I would say that if I hadn’t done it, I probably wouldn’t be here now so it certainly saved my business and it’s given me a comfortable living.


“I have two websites, one for tobacco, cigars, pipes and the accessories and the other one is where we sell a lot of Welsh clothing, rugby shirts and that sort of thing.


“The internet gives you a shop window that gives you access to anywhere in the world and of course it’s open 24 hours a day.


“It’s nice to come in in the morning and find that you’ve taken quite a bit of money already before you’ve started the day.


“I was extremely proud to be awarded Gold Merchant status which is based on a customer feedback programme – I’ve got about 3,000 feedbacks now with 100 per cent satisfaction.


“We pride ourselves on giving the best service that we can. We do make mistakes and, if we do, then we’re keen to put it right.


“We did have one customer that did give us some negative feedback over something.  We very quickly put it right for him and he reversed it.  He was more than happy”.