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Cigar TypesIf you’ve found your way to UKTobacco and aren’t so familiar with the world of cigar smoking, you’re in luck – because here we have devised some nice and easy, simple advice to guide you through your first cigar purchase. From Honduran cigar to Cuban cigar, we stock a number of high grade and enjoyable cigars that we’d like to share with you.

Always shop with a tobacconist

Tobacconists like us only stock the highest quality cigars. There is nothing we sell that we wouldn’t personally recommend to our buyers, which can’t always be said for other types of suppliers. Tobacconist’s cigars have been well cared for and can be explained to you in great detail from a tobacconist. Your local tobacconist or reliable tobacconist’s website can be a great resource for you to begin learning about cigars.

Try out a few at a time

When you aren’t sure on which cigars will suit you, it can be a challenge to find one straight away that you’ll love. For this reason, we always recommended buying a few, allowing you to get an idea of the range in taste, types and origin – meaning that over time you’ll understand exactly which types you like the most, and which ones you might want to avoid.

Enter softly

If you’re new to cigars, you will want to start slowly. Cigars come in different levels of strength, from mild all the way through to full body. It can be overpowering for someone that doesn’t have much experience in cigar smoking, so be sure to take your time and start with more mild cigars, slowly working your way up to the stronger types.

Don’t break the bank

Cigars come in all price brackets. From a few pounds to a few hundred, you can buy cigars. You need not spend a fortune on your cigars, especially to begin with whilst you hone in on your tastes and preferences. There are plenty of great cigars around the £10 mark, which you should definitely begin with, and over time you can build up to more expensive and extravagant smokes.

Buy cigars from reputable locations

You’ll have heard of the great cigar making countries of the world. From Cuba to Nicaragua, there are plenty of great making regions. Pick from the ones your tobacconists offers, or ones that you have been recommended from reputable smokers and friends. Great ones to try out include Honduran cigars, which are of excellent quality that is born out of the expertise of the region over a long time providing cigars.

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