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Cigar Smoking Guide

Simply smoking a cigar and enjoying the experience is what many people do, but for others that is not enough. Others want to taste certain flavours and want to know the best way of getting the most out of their cigar when it comes to tasting it. Whether it’s Cuban, Dominican or Honduran cigars, we want to get the most out of it.

When smoking a cigar a great deal of the tasting experience comes from personal preference, which is an obvious note. However, when various people frequently notice the same flavours in the same cigars it is evidence that there’s a bit of science to tasting them.

The best way to develop your palate and become better at cigar tasting is to follow these three suggestions we have gathered for you:

Take Notes – Observation is one step, but documenting your observations is equally as important as they go hand in hand. Noting down what you taste and are thinking the moment you are smoking a cigar will make you focus on your notes. You will find you become more thorough with how you describe your thoughts so that they will be useful at a later date.

Re-taste – There’s a reason why we sample multiple cigars before writing a review. A particular cigar might be off or simply different, but the situation in which it is smoked can make all the difference. If you go to taste the same cigar more than once you’ll begin to realise what is the cigar and what is you. The more you taste it the easier you’ll be able to pinpoint the defining characteristics that could make it your favourite cigar, or even your worst.

Clean Your Palate – Many enjoy pairing cigars with a fine spirit or a great cup of coffee, but one of the best ways to help you focus on the cigar is to absent a flavourful pairing. Spring water is a good option, preferably at room temperature.