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Honduran Cigars

The taste of a cigar is one of the many aspects of smoking a cigar that people look out for. Your favourite could be from the range of Honduran cigars available or any other type, which is due to the strength, density and aroma being the main element you are drawn towards. One of the many factors that influence the taste is the terroir, which is one of the most important out of them all. Terroir is a word that is encountered often when referring to wine and the location of vineyards, but it is equally as important in the refinement and production of cigars.

One may be able to determine the essence of a particular glass of vino which is situated in the valley or mountains, but a similar earthiness can be found in a range of Cuban or Honduran cigars such as the Alec Bradley Tempus Terra Novo Maduro Cigar. The terroir vineyards can affect the flavour of wines from all over the world, just as tobaccos carry the distinctive DNA from the hot and humid soils of Honduras or wherever else their leaves are grown. Honduras soil and climate is an ideal growing environment for tobacco plants and the final outcome results to exceptional quality, with a characteristic taste and aroma.

The only difficulty comes with identifying the cigar by taste and aroma, as the countries of manufacture are not always the same as the countries in which its tobacco is grown. How well do you know your cigars? An example would be a premium cigar made in the Dominican Republic with mild tastes of Dominican binder and filler, boasts the rich and creamy flavour of a wrapper from the United States. Many cigars can be made in the same country, but are continents apart on taste. For many, the natural terroir which dominates the overall taste and aroma of a cigar isn’t the main factor they look for. Instead the location, in which that person situates themselves in to smoke that particular cigar, is what creates the perfect terroir for them.