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Davidoff Pipe TobaccosHere at UK Tobacco, we pride ourselves on catering for all kinds of tastes with our eclectic range of tobaccos from all across the globe. We are therefore delighted to now be able to bring to you brand new Davidoff pipe tobaccos from Denmark.

Born into a Jewish family in the ex-Russian Empire in 1906, Zino Davidoff is one of the true innovators of tobacco as we know it today. His roots within the field are strong as his parents were both tobacco merchants, giving him the inspiration to take over their business in 1930 and to reinvent it.

With plenty of market nous, Zino was able to get his hands and then distribute lucrative cigars to a middle market. He was helped by Switzerland’s trade neutrality which meant that he was able to bring in high rolling customers from all over who were after a tax-free deal. Zino is also credited with creating the very first desktop cigar humidor which was ideal for helping to keep Cuban cigar leaves at optimum humidity.

Davidoff’s winning touch is present through all his modern pipe tobaccos long after his death back in 1994 at the ripe old age of 87. UK Tobacco are lucky and privileged to be able to offer you the following from the pipe tobacco masters:

Davidoff Blue Mixture
Although not currently stocked on our website, this is a sublime and refreshingly cool tobacco that does not overpower. It’s quite the marmite tobacco so be sure to know what you like before you buy and it should be back in stock after high demand soon.


Davidoff Red Mixture
Mystifyingly aromatic yet mild, this splendid mixture has been on the tongue of many tobacco smokers since its launch. Lauded by one reviewer as “a benchmark for mild aromatics”, this is a great option for those wanting an easily approachable tobacco.


Davidoff Green Mixture
The final part in the “colour trilogy” from Davidoff, this is an exceedingly mild tobacco that could be perfect for those new to the pipe. Seasoned smokers might not find joy with this one but as a starter mixture, you could hardly ask for a safer option.


Davidoff English Mixture
Pleasantly and surprisingly English, this mixture is brought to a life with a mild daub of Perique spice that might take you by surprise. It does not linger long in the room nor the palate and is a great option for experimental smokers.


Davidoff Scottish Mixture

What do you get when you cross Virginia, Burley, Kentucky and Oriental tobaccos with just the slightest hint of whiskey? This  fascinating mixture from Davidoff that has been raising some eyebrows within the pipe smoking communities.


Davidoff Flake Medallions
Our final new stock but by no means our least, this is a lovingly curated tobacco that consists of flakes from all over the U.S. A mild touch of spice is added to round out its sweetness during the intricate production of each tin which you can instantly recognise from first smoke.

Interested in any of our new Davidoff pipe tobaccos? Call us on 01492 535 784 or email [email protected].