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peterson pipesAre you just getting into pipe smoking and want a few quick tips to start you off?

We here at UK Tobacco have compiled these 5 simple suggestions to make sure you are getting the best experience from the word go.

1. Don’t go too strong too fast
Pipe tobacco comes in many different varieties and strengths so if you’re new to the pipe, don’t jump into the deep end and choose something that you know is strong.

It might be a little overpowering.

2. Research your tobacco thoroughly
Always investigate a tobacco brand before you buy. Don’t go off the name and always read reviews before you make a decision.

This helps you to find a tobacco that you know will match your tastes. Plus, who wants to waste money on a tobacco that’s not for them?

3. Pick up a proper pipe later
For first time pipe smokers, there’s an obsession with aesthetics more than the tobacco itself.

Although higher-end pipes do benefit the smoking experience of your tobacco, it’s no use to splash the cash on a pipe without first having the pipe to go with it. Look to a branded reject pipe as a perfect starting point.

4. Take your time
Too often first time smokers will approach smoking a pipe the same way they would a cigarette. This is one of the worst things you could do.

Pipe tobacco is meant to be savoured: the rich bouquet of different tastes and aromas should be enjoyed at a slow pace. Find some quiet time to yourself, pack the bowl and relax as the world goes by.

5. Find other pipe smokers
Pipe smoking is a community. A community that loves to trade opinions, tips and tricks on the perfect way to enjoy the great pastime.

Be sure to join online discussions and don’t be afraid to ask the questions that you need to.

5 Tips for New Pipe Smokers
Article Name
5 Tips for New Pipe Smokers
If you're just starting out as a pipe smoker, you could do with learning about all these tips and tricks.