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Solani Pipe TobaccoSince 1998, Solani pipe tobacco has been seen as one of the best throughout the world and it’s little wonder when you consider the pedigree that comes with this naturally-made tobacco. You can imagine we were delighted to be able to get our hands on it and make it available to you.

Rudiger Well was behind the helm of its introduction over a decade ago and the brand has been gathering momentum ever since. By directly having a say-so and input on the quality and development of his Solani tobacco, Will has been able to improve it to the finest intricacy.

Mr. Will is probably best known for creating another tobacco that’s available from us and that is of course Borkum Riff: a premier and hugely popular product that has been enjoyed by smokers everywhere since 1968. HE is certainly the master of the blend and this is evidenced by his superb Solani output.

The name comes from the Latin word “solanum” which itself means “Night Shade Plants”. As tobacco itself is a variety of this, it’s a very apt name and a highly-reputable one at that. As for the taste itself, the blend has been crafted for the experienced smoker as it has a heady and mature experience that may be overwhelming for newcomers to pipe smoking. In addition, very little additives have been put in the blends as it is a companywide ethic that they can often negatively affect the experience.

Solani comes available in a wide variety of different mixes and is available in plain mixtures but is also popular in flakes with either being solely down to personal preference. Also, it’s always recommended to try Solani’s aromatic tobaccos for a unique smoke or non-aromatic for those who like their traditional tastes.

Currently UK Tobacco can offer you the Solani Aged Burley Flake, Solani Festival blend, Solani Red Label and Solani White & Black pipe tobaccos. If you would like to know any more  about this brand that is blended in Denmark before being packed in Germany, please call us on: 01492 535784 or email: [email protected]

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